A toast to life

I’m sharing this new video with you as a celebration, a toast to life. The song followed me around the globe and it feels good to release it now. 

I met Maya De Mello in Berlin while she was studying sound engineering. After a few beers we decided to record some of my new songs that I had already been playing around, road testing. My good friend and Berlin drum legend Kay Luebke came in to the studio at Nalepa Straase and we recorded live takes in two very short 3-4 hour recording sessions with no rehearsal. What a drummer! Later another Berlin legend Jonathan Robinson carried his double bass on the Strassen Bahn all the way from Freidrichshain to the studio and recorded six tracks in three hours. What an amazing musician. I didn’t get a chance to finish it until Frank Smithers offered to help me out in his home studio in North Sydney equipped with vintage Telecasters and Princeton amps. It’s how we got the guitar tone on Dead Man’s Clothes. I sent the mix to Gregor Henning in Bremen for mastering.

On my way for a surf at Bronte beach I met Ettienne Fourie, a film enthusiast and played the recording of Dead Man’s Clothes. We shot the video in two days and Ettienne cut it on the same night. So there is a lot of love, chance spontaneity and above all coincidence weaving in the mix here.

 I hope you enjoy. Please get in touch, write a comment or pass it on. Wherever you are now I wish you the very best and thank you for checking it out.