Photograph by Ettienne Fourie

Musician songwriter performer sailor surfer

A typical Brandon song demands your attention with roots firmly planted in both alternative culture and the art rock legacy of classic rockers. He has been tagged at various points of his career as a neo traditionalist, a maverick experimenter, a timeless troubadour, surfer dude and a fan of gypsy swing music.

Stephen Brandon’s career started way back in the high school days of Byron Bay where he grew up as a child to the urban scene of Sydney, his new base before moving to Europe in 2005 eventually basing in Berlin. During the fifteen years in Europe he tirelessly toured and recorded mostly his own songs, but also in various bands. Receiving an Arts grant in 2010 from The Berlin senate for the album “Floating on a Limb.

Stephen Brandon received Australian national radio airplay with seminal post grunge band Sinister Grin, in the nineties. with two critically acclaimed releases “Mum Drove the Getaway Car” and “Under a Different Sky”. His debut album “Two Hours Away”(MDS) was released in 2004 and songs “Picasso Eyes” and “Crescendo Falls” enjoyed both mainstream and college radio airplay Australia wide.

Now in Sydney he is performing regularly in city venues, releasing recordings that started in Berlin.