Two Hours Away album release

Straight away from the first track “My Favourite Waste of Time,” a kind of fresh sonic wave washes through the speakers and lures the listener.

 A brilliantly recorded masterpiece boldly displaying the sheer audio beauty of acoustic music played by masters of their instruments. 

Two Hours Away LP captured in lush analogue surrounds on 2 in tape is a testament to the magic combination of unique heartfelt songs played by a band in one room, together in the traditional Beatlesque band format of guitar, bass and drums, recorded with exquisite vintage gear.

It’s fresh and alive, with an air of innocence and naivety, played by highly accomplished musicians with sensitivity and nuance.

 In that way Two Hours Away has a timelessness that sits comfortably next to Mark Ronson, Al Stewart, Elliott Smith or John Lennon.

These songs started out as songs being played at chalkboard solo singer-songwriter venues on to larger stages with his band touring the east coast before making their way into the recording studio, a very organic process.         

The album features such masterful musicians as Brett Hirst on electric bass and acoustic double-bass, Warren Trout on drums, Jade MacRea on backing vocals, Lachlan Doley on Hammond organ and Stephen Brandon on guitars and vocals.

1. My favourite waste of time
2. Picasso eyes
3. Nowhere left to run
4. Two hours away
5. Crescendo falls
6. Catch the wind
7. In too deep
8. Don’t get me wrong
9. Glebe point rd
10. Sometimes

11. Sundown